Let your listeners choose the next song

MusicMaster Live is a web app that allows your listeners to “take over” your music scheduling at specific moments of your programming, voting for the next song or for all the songs of a complete show.

The good news: it’s 100% music policy safe! Because the source of the listener chosen songs is MusicMaster and its rule settings. 

See the song listed on top? That's the one that's playing right now. Just under that is the song that the audience wants to hear next. But just below that is where the fun happens! Any one of the songs in that list could get played next.

It's totally up to your listeners and the other “dee jays”. Votes push each song up or down in the list. The one that ends up on top when it's time to pick another song is the winner! The thumbs up means they'd like to play that song next, and the thumbs down means not right now.

The red and green bar tells you how everybody else has voted. The more green you see, the more the community would like to listen to this song up next.